Retrochallenge 2016/01

This is my first time to get off the sidelines and join in on the retro fun. My plan is to do something with the Intel MCS-48 family of microcontrollers. This line includes the 8048 and 8035 first introduced in 1976. Several years ago I purchased a blind lot of IC tubes full of chips most of which seem to be socket pulls with bent and tarnised leads. The gems inside these tubes included several Z80’s (including one in cerdip package) and support chips -maybe a project for the next retrochallenge, 7-segment LEDs, several tubes of Intel 8155 combination RAM and I/O, and most importantly for this project over a dozen MCS-48 microcontrollers (8048, 8049, 8035, 8039). My primary goal is to put some of these chips to use. I want to start with a development board of some sorts and make a board that can be DIY fabricated. So far the microcontroller has only been tested with a simple program burned to an EEPROM.

Initial proto-board, only 8039, latch, and EEPROM wired

With any hope I will be able to make some progress on this before I move later in the month which will be a good excuse to organize my computer collection that will finally be together in one place.


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